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Safe Distributors for:

There are thousands of safes on the market, so how do you decide which one is right for you?   Every safe has been designed and built for an individual purpose, such as fire resistance, hotel safes, gun cabinets, high security etc.

Simply follow these easy steps before consulting us and we can better advise you on the right safe for your needs.

1. What do you need to secure?
Paper, Jewellery, Guns, Cash, Metals, Coins, Stamps, Antiques, Wills, Deeds, Tax Papers.

2. What is the top value of contents that need to be to secured?
Generate a list of items you want to store inside the safe, have them valued. This will provide you an idea of the quality of safe you require.

3. What function do you want the safe to have?
Available options include digital pad entry, Key entry, dial entry or a combination of two of these options.

4. What size of safe do you require?
Measure the area where you want the safe to go, and also take stock of what you want to store inside the safe!

5. Select a safe that meets your requirements?
Do you need fittings such as Posting Slots, Deposit Chute, multiple compartments, filing drawers, shelves, racks, etc.

6. Special Ratings - do you require fire ratings or security ratings?
Most manufacturers provide ratings on their safes for fire resistance and the quality of security. However, insurance companies quite often rate safes differently.

We recommend that you contact with your insurance company to confirm that the safe you have chosen is rated the same as the manufacturers rating.